World of Make Believe

Did you ever wonder where fairies live and play?
Can anybody see them? What do they do each day?
In your imagination, it is possible to look
For the fairies that Love Flowers in this little storybook!

The World of Make Believe was the vision, inspired and created by Michael Weedon, to enter the magical World and inspire imagination. The initial collection of Fairies that love flowers was the culmination of five years design and development work involving visits to the artisan craftsmen in China every two months, which ultimately launched at The GLEE Exhibition in September 2018. The distinctive collection of delicate and dainty fairies was soon extended to include their quirky fairy houses, doors and windows in the most imaginative shapes and sizes. For fairies at play there are Swings and Springers and even bird feeders disguised as cups of tea.

The next step was to create unique identity for each fairy and Michael enlisted the help of Children’s author and brand marketing and communication expert, Michael Walter, and together they developed a unique name and identity for each character and product with mini brochure tags to tell the story in rhyme. The presentation includes custom made displays that deliver the theme and story to shops and garden centres in the manner imagined by their creator. The latest development is a charming series of books with imaginative individual stories, written in elegant verse by Michael Walter and beautifully illustrated by Nathan Stell.

Fairies all love flowers, a magic trick they like to do
Is to turn into your favourite flower, and look just like it too!
Fairies love to dress as flowers of every shape and kind
Just imagine any flower, they become what you have in mind.

Today, Michael Weedon’s creativity has extended the Make Believe ranges to include The Enchanted Kingdom, where kings and princesses, wizards and witches, dragons and fairy Castles can be found. Pixie World with the Pixie Garden Patrol, Pixie Band , houses and fun accessories, Elf Wonderland including Santa’s workshop and Elf helpers and Gnome and Leprechaun Land. The new ranges are presented in the unique recognisable World of Make Believe style with rhyming brochure tags, inspirational displays and beautiful gift packaging and, of course, many an imaginative tale to tell.

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